Because the grizzlies need you

Update: From now until the end of the year, one of our generous donors has offered to match your donations, up to $5000. That means that your gift to protect grizzly bears will be doubled!
Give now and double your impact!

I want to thank you for everything you’ve done over the years to keep Jumbo Wild: the petition signatures, bumper stickers, donations, signs, film screenings, letters and support. This fight has always been about coming together as a community – and it’s because of you that the fight is being won.

But we still need your help. Will you give $30 today to make sure the Jumbo Valley is connected to critical grizzly bear habitat in all directions? Will you help speak up for the voiceless grizzlies and make sure they have room to roam now and for the future?

The Jumbo Valley, in the heart of the Purcell Mountains, is a critical part of one of North America’s most important wildlife corridors. The Purcells are one of only two remaining mountain ranges where bears move back and forth between Canada and the US. Grizzlies depend on connected habitat to keep their populations healthy. If part of this connectivity corridor is splintered, it could be dangerous for grizzly populations not just here but across the continent.

Think of it like this: grizzlies have been driven out of our valleys and into the mountains, leaving them scattered in smaller populations. These smaller grizzly populations need to be connected to the larger whole in order to survive and thrive. The Purcell grizzly population—bears that rely on habitat in the Jumbo Valley and the surrounding Purcell Mountains—is that central group that provides stability to its neighbours. If key habitat is lost, the echoes will be heard in all directions.

It’s not just the Jumbo Valley that’s important. To the north, there is deep mountain valley after mountain valley, each one home to important grizzly bear habitat that isn’t protected from logging, uncontrolled high-impact recreation and the ever-present threat of industrial development.

The map below shows the vast mountain area—important grizzly bear habitat—that has no protection at all. Will you help make sure this habitat connecting the Jumbo Valley all the way to the Bugaboos and even Glacier National Park to the north is safe for grizzlies in our region and beyond?

Your generous donation will help push for more habitat protection in the critical areas around the Jumbo Valley and through the Purcell Mountains. Your gift will help stop destructive logging and control motorized recreation in this important habitat.

You have an important opportunity to help define what it means to keep something wild. To transform your love of the mountains into meaningful action—to protect what you love.

Will you join me and stand up for this critical wildlife corridor in the Jumbo Valley and Purcell Mountains? Will you give $30 to protect grizzly bears today?

Thank you for standing by the Jumbo Valley, grizzly bears and the communities who have fought for this wild place for decades. Your support makes all the difference.

Keep it wild,

Robyn Duncan
Jumbo Wild Lead, Wildsight

p.s. Don’t forget that you can make your $25 gift in honour of a friend or a loved one. Why not give a different kind of gift this year? Wishing you a wonderful holiday season.