Community Impact

The voices against the proposed Jumbo Glacier Resort are as diverse as the valley itself. From the owners of a local heli-skiing operation, to skiers, snowmobilers, Olympians, hunters, environmentalists, business owners, octogenarians and teenagers. Thousands of letters were sent, meetings attended, applications and court cases filed and monitoring camps installed.

Permanent development in the Jumbo Valley would have meant corporatization of one of the most cherished wilderness areas in the East Kootenay region. It would also have led to controlled public access in surrounding and equally beloved areas and historic local recreation destinations.

“The nearest community of Invermere has been consistently opposed to the resort. The District of Invermere Resolution in 2003 states, “The District of Invermere has actively sought input from the citizens of Invermere and has received overwhelming and widespread opposition to the proposal, based largely on negative environmental, economic and social concerns. Therefore be it resolved that the District of Invermere opposes the Jumbo Glacier Resort proposal…”

Hockey Legend Scott Neidermayer says, “There are very few areas like this left in the world, and we should preserve it for future generations. I want my children and all British Columbians to be able to enjoy this area, just as I am able to.”