It’s up to us to write this story

We need your help today to fight for the Jumbo Valley. You may have seen the news reports coming out lately about how our world’s wilderness is disappearing at a colossal rate. It’s upsetting, to say the least.

Will we protect the wilderness of the Jumbo Valley, for the grizzly bears and for future generations, or will we let a huge ski resort take over this special place in the middle of the Purcell Mountains? Will we keep Jumbo Wild?

Something has to change if we want wilderness to continue being part of our world. We need to stand together like we never have before. We have to stand up and fight for every special wild place. Will you give $40 today to help protect the Jumbo Valley?

Every protected place has a story behind it. A story of the people who fought for it. You have a chance to be part of the story and make a difference.

The Canadian government is trying to meet its goal of protecting 17% of Canada’s wilderness by the year 2020, as part of its commitment at the International Union for the Conservation of Nature. Will Jumbo and the wild Purcell Mountains be included or will legal threats from the resort developers scare the government away?

Your generous gift will help hold Canada accountable—your $40 donation will help speak to decision-makers, letting them know that the Jumbo Valley and the Purcell Mountains need to be protected now.

It can take decades to finally see a special piece of wilderness protected. After 28 years of fighting to keep Jumbo Wild, I have more hope than ever before.

It’s up to us to write the story. Let’s work together to write a story of how people around the world came together to fight for the Jumbo Valley. And won.

For the wild,

Robyn Duncan
Executive Director, Wildsight

p.s. If you can, please consider giving $10/month to help protect the Jumbo Valley all year round. Thank you and happy holidays!