A bear’s life

Photo: Tom Weager

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”Margaret Mead

Have you ever seen a grizzly bear in the wild and felt the hairs on the back of your neck stand up? Or marvelled at the size of a fresh grizzly track in the mud as you explored the mountains? Every time I cross paths with a grizzly, I’m filled with wonder, knowing that I share the mountains with these majestic creatures.

This year, we celebrated the Ktunaxa Nation’s plan to establish the Qat’muk Indigenous Protected Area in the Jumbo Valley and beyond. The Ktunaxa people will protect Qat’muk’s profound spiritual and ecological importance—forever. Stopping the Jumbo Resort is such an important step for grizzly bears. But we know that for grizzlies to have a future, they need a connected landscape that stretches far beyond Jumbo.

Thank you for standing up to defend Jumbo and protect grizzlies. Thanks to you, the grizzly bears of the Purcell Mountains are safe in the Jumbo Valley. But our work isn’t done yet. Will you give today to make sure the Jumbo Valley is connected to critical grizzly habitat in all directions?

This is one of North America’s most important wildlife corridors. Purcell Mountain grizzly bears are connected to grizzly bears in the Rocky Mountains, to the wild spaces in the north and even as far south as Yellowstone. Bears depend on this connection for survival—without it, bear populations become islands that wither away over time.

Our Purcell Mountains still support healthy grizzly populations, but the chainsaw, the excavator and the dozer, and the endless parade of humans and their noisy machines cut away at our wilderness every day. A young bear setting off from Jumbo must navigate a maze of forestry roads, clearcuts, and out of control recreation just to find food, a territory to call home and a mate.

The fight for Jumbo was always about more than just stopping a ski resort. Our fight was about defending the heart of the wild Purcell Mountains and giving grizzly bears the freedom to roam. We built a movement during the 30 years it took to stop the Jumbo Glacier Resort. Together, we can defend the mountains that grizzly bears need to connect and thrive.

Photo: Joe Riis, ILCP

You can keep our mountains wild. You can transform your love of the mountains into action—you can protect what you love. Will you join me and stand up for the Purcell Mountains and the grizzly bears that call these mountains home?

Thanks to you and everything we’ve fought for together, grizzlies will always roam free in the Jumbo Valley. Will you make a gift today to make sure they have somewhere to roam to?

For the wild,

Robyn Duncan,
Jumbo Wild Lead

p.s. Can you give for bears all year round? Your monthly donation will fight for grizzly bears and wild places every day of the year.

p.p.s. I know that this has been hard year for many. I want to thank you for all your support over the years even if you can’t give this year.