A BIG win for Jumbo Valley

In our last update on Jumbo we told you we were going back to court. Now we are thrilled to share with you a big win for Jumbo Valley!

In short: After years of court cases and appeals, the B.C. Court of Appeal ruled that Glacier Resort’s environmental certificate has expired and they cannot proceed with construction.

Read more on the decision in our joint press release with the Jumbo Creek Conservation Society and the Court of Appeal decision.

While Glacier Resort does still have options, they are extremely unlikely to be successful. They could seek to appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada, or they could apply for a new environmental assessment certificate. However, given all the challenges and opposition they have faced—along with the declining state of biodiversity in B.C., Canada, and the world—we feel it is inconceivable that this project will find a way ahead.

Our efforts will not stop now.

Jumbo Valley is a vital part of one of North America’s most important wildlife corridors and is critical grizzly habitat. For the Ktunaxa people, Qat’muk (Jumbo) is a sacred and spiritual place, home to the grizzly bear spirit. We see a future where wildlife can freely and safely roam, where water runs clean and clear from the mountains to surrounding communities, and where the ecological and cultural integrity of the wild Purcells remain intact for future generations, all the way from the Purcell Wilderness Conservancy to Canada’s Glacier National Park.

Our goal is to support the legal recognition of Qat’muk so that there is no further threat of development. Our long-term vision is to work collaboratively to expand protection for the Purcell Mountain region, where Jumbo lies.

This is an important win for the Jumbo Valley and was only possible due to the persistent, collaborative effort of more than two decades by the Ktunaxa people, many organizations and many passionate individuals to protect this special place.

We look forward to sharing more news with you on how Wildsight and our partners will continue to defend nature in this special place.