A Change is Gonna Come

“It’s been a long time coming, but I know a change is going to come.” ~Sam Cooke

Fresh snow has completely covered Glacier Resort’s makeshift foundations in the Jumbo Valley.

The working of the seasons, with no regard to the goings on of humans, always remind me that change is not only beautiful and powerful, but inevitable.

With the Jumbo Wild film and Patagonia’s support last year, we were able to bring our message to the world. And you raised your voices in chorus with people from all around it: you want a wild Jumbo Valley.

Glacier Resorts’ environmental certificate expired last year, a huge triumph. But the company is still pursuing development options. We know you want to stop them as much as we do, because nothing about this project has ever made sense. What makes sense is the need for wilderness, for a sacred valley to be honoured, for grizzly bear habitat to be protected.

We’re doing everything we can to challenge the developer’s plan to keep this project going and we hope you’ll join us.

Thank you for all your support: the film screenings you’ve held in your communities, the fundraisers, the conversations at your family dinner tables, the message you’ve been sticking on your water bottles and your skis (I LOVE JUMBO WILD!). It’s been a long time coming, but together we can bring about the change we desire—a halt to all permanent development in the Jumbo Valley.

Your generous contribution will help protect the wild Jumbo Valley from a misguided ski resort once and for all.

Give now. Give generously. A change is gonna come.

For Jumbo Wild,

Robyn Duncan

Jumbo Wild Campaign Lead