Add your voice against the Jumbo Official Community Plan






  • Add your voice against the Jumbo Official Community Plan 
  • Ktunaxa Nation Appeal Heard in Court 
  • Substantial Start Determination Still Pending 

The town with no people wants to adopt an Official Community Plan (OCP).

The Jumbo Glacier Mountain Resort Municipality’s (JGMRM) OCP is “intended to reflect the long term vision of the community.” Whose vision? What community? The JGMRM has no residents, an appointed mayor and council and is funded by $200,000 of BC taxpayer dollars every year.

Please join us in Radium on June 16 to speak out against this OCP without a community or send an email by 4PM, Friday, June 12. Since Jumbo has no citizens, it falls to all of us to oppose this plan and this affront to local democracy and land-use. OCPs are intended to guide a community, not a corporate development. 

Read the draft OCP here.

Send your comment through our form by Friday, June 12th, 4PM or send an email or fax. Personalized comments will carry more weight.

Fax: (250) 347-9068,

Better yet, join us at the public hearing and present your concerns to the council in person. You don’t even have to speak – your presence alone will speak volumes. If you’re coming, why not throw in a sign or two.

Tuesday, June 16, 9:30 am at the Village of Radium Hot Springs Council Chambers, 4836 Radium Blvd

Ktunaxa Appeal Heard in Court

The Ktunaxa Nation Council’s appeal was heard in court on Friday, May 29, appealing last year’s decision of their request for a judicial review. They called on the court to uphold their Charter rights and freedoms and to grant them their request for a judicial review into the approval of the Jumbo Glacier Resort. A decision from the court will likely take 3 months.

Hurry up and wait: ‘Substantial Start’ determination still pending

Eight months have passed since the expiration of the Environmental Certificate for the Jumbo Glacier Resort and we are still waiting for the ministerial decision if the project was substantially started.

Wildsight and the Jumbo Creek Conservation Society, working with Ecojustice, have made numerous submissions to the Minister regarding the question of substantial start. We contend not only that the project was not substantially started, but that the work that was done – the pouring of 2 concrete slabs during the last week of the Environmental Certificate’s term – was not in compliance with the conditions of the Environmental Certificate and was thus unlawful. You can read our submissions here. 

We expect a decision from Minister Polak this June, so stay tuned. One way or the other, this is going to be a Jumbo summer. 

For Jumbo Wild,

Robyn, for the Jumbo Wild Team

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