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Glacier Resorts Ltd. Submits Formal Proposal

After identifying the Jumbo Valley as a desirable site, Glacier Resorts Ltd. submits a formal proposal to BC Lands in accordance with the Commercial Alpine Ski Policy (CASP).  An initial public input period reveals strong opposition to the project.

Jumbo Glacier Resorts Ltd. is Formed

International investors first showed interest in the upper Jumbo Valley in 1989. By 1991, they’d solicited help from a Vancouver management company, Pheidias Project + Development Management, and formed Jumbo Glacier Resort Ltd. They submitted a formal proposal to the Province and a competitive process began to identify other potential applications in the same area.

Oberto Oberti

Italian-born, Vancouver-based architect Oberto Oberti begins searching western Canada, on behalf of Japanese investors, for a suitable site to develop a year-round glacier skiing resort.