Construction this summer? GRL Submits Self-Report on Their Compliance with 195 Legally Binding Commitments

Glacier Resorts Ltd. has submitted a self report to the Environmental Assessment Office (EAO) outlining their compliance to the 195 legally-binding conditions attached to their Environmental Certificate. Yes, you heard us right – a self-report documenting their definition of how they have complied (or not) with the legally-binding commitments they agreed to when the Environmental Certificate was issued.
You can read it all here:…

Why is this important?

¬†Before any construction takes place, Glacier Resorts is required to submit their self-compliance report to the EAO a month before any construction takes place. With a few remaining months before their Environmental Certificate is set to expire (October 2014), they are rushing to “substantially begin” construction on their project – a 4 season, 4 glacier resort. The date on the submitted self-report is May 7, 2014, and we have just confirmed that they have been given the go-ahead to begin construction, pending other permit requirements, as of June 7, 2014.

What do we know?

 We know that Glacier Resorts has submitted an application for a road permit in the Jumbo Valley. The road follows the north side of Jumbo Creek, branching off from the current Jumbo FSR at KM 6.

The problem?
Aside from the obvious, many of the legally-binding commitments are, in our opinion, in non-compliance. In our books, construction should not be permitted until such time as all of the required legally-binding conditions are satisfied and verified – by someone other than Glacier Resorts Ltd.

Attached is the JCCS letter to the EAO outlining concerns and issues of non-compliance. Take a look, get riled up and we’ll be in touch soon with our plans and how you can get involved.

June 24 2014 EAO re proponent commitments