Hobnails and Hemp Rope Film Screening and JCCS AGM

Join us for a night of Purcell magic, including a film screening of Hobnails and Hemp Rope, a short documentary that re-enacts Conrad Kain’s ground-breaking ascent of Bugaboo Spire in 1916, the Jumbo Creek Conservation Society’s AGM and an update on the Jumbo Wild campaign and a short presentation by legendary mountaineer Pat Morrow on 14 of Kain’s other first ascents.

Date: November 29
Time: 7:00pm
Location: Invermere’s David Thompson Secondary School Theatre
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Hobnails and Hemp Rope:
This summer, filmmaker Greg Gransden partnered with the Alpine Club of Canada and the Conrad Kain Centennial Society to document this this historical climb – striving for historical accuracy, the four members of the expedition – Thompson, Rob LeBlanc, Garry Reiss and Natalia Danalachi – used only mountaineering equipment from the early 1900s, which included wooden ice axes, a hemp rope, hobnail-soled boots, a canvas tent and vintage woolen clothing. Watch a trailer of the film here

Jumbo Creek Conservation Society AGM: Preceding the film, the JCCS will hold its traditionally brief AGM, and bring the audience up to date on its efforts to Keep Jumbo Wild.

Pat Morrow: As an introduction to the film, photographer and one of JCCS’s directors Pat Morrow will provide context to Kain’s pioneering of the most technical alpine climb of his era.