I Love Jumbo Wild: Douglas Noblet

Douglas Noblet is the photographer behind Wild Air Photography. His images combine three of his major passions: mountains, flying and photography. Often flying solo, Douglas captures his images while piloting his Cessna 172. He lives in Nelson, BC in a tiny house and spends much of his time in the wild Purcells ski touring, mountaineering, rafting and climbing. Douglas’ images have been used for many years to help support the #JumboWild campaign. I recently sat down to chat with Douglas about what motivates him.

Douglas Noblet, the photographer behind Wild Air Photography.

Robyn Duncan: You grew up in Nelson. When did you first hear about the Jumbo Glacier Resort?

Douglas Noblet: I’ve lived in the Nelson area since I was 5 years old, so about 21 years now. I’ve known about Jumbo for a long time. I couldn’t pinpoint a specific date when I first heard about it.

RD: There are many reasons that people oppose the Jumbo Glacier Resort – what for you is the key?

DN: KEEP IT WILD! There are already enough ski resorts in BC.

RD: You’re an aerial photographer and your work captures a unique perspective. When did you start combining flight and photography?

DN: Well, my dad has been a pilot all my life. I started paragliding when I was 14, then powered paragliding, and eventually got my pilot’s license when I was 18 or 19. I’ve always brought a camera with me when exploring the backcountry, so flying was just another way of exploring the mountains and capturing a unique perspective.

RD: Photography is a very powerful tool. What impact do you think seeing places like Jumbo from the bird’s eye perspective has on people?

DN: I think it helps people see the big picture, connect the dots, and see how beautiful the area is!

RD: In a previous interview you said you don’t necessarily focus on conservation issues in your work, but your pictures have often been used for such issues. Could you expand on that?

DN: For me, photography is more about exploring the wild outdoors and creating beautiful images. And then bringing them back for people to see. So I guess I try and not have ulterior motives when I shoot, and keep my photography to more of an “art”. Saying that, I am happy when my images get used for conservation issues, and maybe inspire people to protect the wild we still have!

Jumbo Pass Aerial – Douglas Noblet

We’re featuring Douglas’ images this week on our Instagram feed. Head over to get a bird’s eyes perspective of the Jumbo Valley!

Header image by Raven Eye Photography.