Jumbo is going back to court

On June 25th, Jumbo will be back in court. Glacier Resorts, the company who dreamed up the now legendary large-scale resort proposal for the contested Jumbo Valley will be arguing before the BC Supreme Court that the decision made by former Environment Minister Mary Pollack was, simply put, not fair. In 2015, after Pollack determined that Glacier Resorts had failed to “substantially start” their 5,500-bed ski resort within the 10-year timeline given to them in the environmental assessment process, they were told to immediately stop all construction.

Glacier Resorts claims that more substantial construction was impossible based on a series of obstacles placed in their way, including bad judgement on the part of the Minister. The facts are simple: over ten years, all they managed to build were a couple of concrete pads, poured at the last minute as winter was closing in. That’s clearly not a substantial start to a huge ski resort.

We’ve applied to be intervenors in the court case and will know very soon whether our request is granted. We will keep you posted as the case unfolds. Thank you for all your support!