Leah Evans: Join me in keeping the wild in our lives

I first discovered the Jumbo Valley on a fall camping trip when I was 13. I still remember the golden larch trees and the crisp blue water of the tarn. My parents talked to us about the importance of the area for bears and there was never any question in my mind: this place was extraordinary and should be kept wild.

I want to be able to show my kids wild spaces like the Jumbo Valley one day, to cultivate their own inner wild and inspire a desire to care for the world we’ve been entrusted with.

Will you join me in making sure the Jumbo Valley remains wild by making a donation to Wildsight today? This is our future and we all have a stake in it. Together we can create the world we want to live in—a world that never loses touch with the importance of the wild.

Please give today.

Leah Evans, Patagonia Ambassador