The Voices of Jumbo Wild: St. Lawrence University, New York

The voices of Jumbo Wild are strong, diverse and echoing around the world. A few weeks ago, the students at St. Lawrence University in Canton, New York hosted a screening of “Jumbo Wild” and this was the result. This echo of voices reverberating around the world to Keep Jumbo Wild warms our hearts – together, we will Keep Jumbo Wild!

We love to hear your stories of Jumbo Wild, so if you’ve got one, share it with us!

December 15, 2015

To Premier Christy Clark,

On behalf of St. Lawrence University in Canton, New York, I write to urge you to help preserve the pristine wilderness of the Jumbo Valley by saying ‘No’ to any current or future development bids in that area. For 400 generations, the people of the Ktunaxa Nation have lived in compassionate harmony among the valley’s expansive mountains. Is it worth disturbing their spiritual relationship with the land just to add another mountain resort to the long list of ones that already exist in British Columbia? Is it worth vandalizing the awesome views of the Purcell Mountains’ snow-capped peaks? Is it worth interrupting a crucial habitat of grizzly bears, a symbol of strength and leadership among the Ktunaxa people? Compiled in this letter are 61 signatures of St. Lawrence students who think not.

We may live 3000 miles away and across an international border, but as shared residents of Earth we understand the environmental and social significance of preserving a place like this. Canada is seen globally as a beacon of hope in a darkening world: a developed nation unafraid to cast away potential profits for the long-term betterment of the planet and its people. (St. Lawrence itself offers several courses dedicated to Canadian environmentalism.) Will the same leadership be displayed in the decision-making regarding the preservation of the Jumbo Valley? From the other side of the continent, but standing on the same planet, the student body of St. Lawrence University pleads that you will help Keep Jumbo Wild.

Thank you, Clay Duclos