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Democratic Process: Managing Our Land

Despite overwhelming public opposition at every turn for more than two decades, the Jumbo Glacier Resort has slid through every approval loophole to overrule the voice of the local populace.

East-West Jumbo Hike Celebrates the Wild Jumbo Valley

Upwards of 100 hikers from the East and West Kootenays, infants to octogenarians, converged at various points in time at the Jumbo Pass hut on Saturday, September 20 to celebrate the wild Jumbo Valley. The popular annual hike, organized by Wildsight and the West Kootenay EcoSociety, attracted wilderness fans from Invermere, Cranbrook, Kimberley, Nelson, Kaslo, Argenta and coincided with the splendour of the autumn larches. The Jumbo Monitoring Camp, located at the junction of Leona and Jumbo creeks, is monitoring construction activity taking place in the Jumbo Valley and will stay functional until mid October.

Public Hearing Scheduled

Mark your calendar: There will be a public hearing on August 6 on a zoning bylaw for the Jumbo Glacier Mountain Resort Municipality. This bylaw will zone lands for ski lifts, hotels, day lodges, retail offices and more. Please make time to come out and stand up for Jumbo! When and Where: Aug 6, 9:30am at the Prestige Inn in Radium.

Jumbo Construction Green-Lighted Despite Environmental Issues

One of BC’s most controversial projects, the Jumbo Glacier Resort, has been given the green light from the Environmental Assessment Office to proceed with development high in the Purcell Mountains with the submission of a self-report.

Construction this summer? GRL Submits Self-Report on Their Compliance with 195 Legally Binding Commitments

Glacier Resorts Ltd. has submitted a self report to the Environmental Assessment Office (EAO) outlining their compliance to the 195 legally-binding conditions attached to their Environmental Certificate.

2014: The Final Chapter

2013 was another rollercoaster year for Jumbo Wild. But at the end of the year, we kept the Jumbo Valley wild for another year. Thank you for standing strong in 2013 and fighting to keep it wild. We have now entered the Final Chapter of the Jumbo saga. There are 4 major events converging in 2014: 1) The Jumbo Glacier Resort’s Environmental Certificate expires in October 2014 2) The Ktunaxa are in the BC Supreme Court right now, legally challenging Jumbo 3) The West Kootenay Eco Society’s judicial review will be heard later this year 4) And the strongest thing Jumbo has on its side: you. Your passion to keep Jumbo wild for grizzly bears and ...

Jumbo: The White Elephant

This public information video, prepared by Ralph Moore, exposes the folly of a developer trying to drive forward a massive ski resort development that spans several crevasse-ridden glaciers and dozens of avalanche slopes.


The Ktunaxa Nation publicly declares Qat'muk (upper Jumbo Valley), home to the grizzly bear spirit, an area of profound spiritual importance and closed to any permanent development. In response, the government announces that their decision on land use will be delayed.Read the Qat'muk Declaration here.

Extension of EA Certificate

The EA Office grants a five-year extension to the “required construction start date” specified in the EA Certificate  for the project  on the eve of its expiry. 

Grizzly Bear Population

A major scientific census reveals grizzly bear populations in the Purcell Mountains are far lower than previously estimated; almost half of what the Environmental Assessment was based upon and hovering near ‘threatened.’