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A Jumbo partnership with Patagonia [Wildsight]

The stage was set when Patagonia joined the Jumbo Wild campaign: we were up against Glacier Resorts Ltd., and were looking for more partners to stand with us. “There was no shortage of passion. But there was an increasing sense of frustration – we’d been fighting for so long, and yet the resort kept moving forward," recalls Robyn Duncan, executive director of Wildsight.

Deja vu: another ski resort proposed in our mountains [Wildsight]

It feels like deja vu. A developer wants to build a massive ski resort in our mountains with a backcountry village and year-round recreation. The 55 square kilometre development would be right in the middle of important grizzly bear habitat and would cut off important routes for bears, wolverines and other creatures to roam. Say no to the Zincton ski resort in the central Selkirk Mountains today!

I love Jumbo Wild: Meredith Hamstead [Wildsight]

The first time Meredith Hamstead saw Jumbo was during a heliski trip, alongside the very man hell-bent on building a ski resort on its sacred slopes.“It was bluebird skies and deep powder skiing. Perfection,” Meredith recalls. “I was in the middle of our group’s lunch break having this thought: ‘This place is perfect whether or not we are here to experience it – it is not here for me, but for itself’…"

I Love Jumbo Wild: Jim Galloway [Wildsight]

If you have been involved on the ground with the Jumbo Wild campaign, you likely know Jim Galloway. His name is synonymous with Jumbo Wild. He has been an active member since its early days. We caught up with Jim recently to hear his reflections on the 30-year battle to keep Jumbo wild.

Treading lightly in Qat’muk: An interview with Kathryn Teneese

“We are creating a legacy for our collective future”Kathryn Teneese, Ktunaxa Nation Council chair Long before the threat of development covered a swath of wilderness in the Purcells with a dark cloud and led to years of rallies, protests, and court cases, the Ktunaxa people were here in the Kootenays. Before settlers moved in, the Ktunaxa people were here. For thousands of years, the Ktunaxa have lived in the Kootenays and known Qat’muk, the land of the Grizzly Bear Spirit, as a sacred place.Kathryn Teneese is the Chair of the Ktunaxa Nation Council. She sat down with Wildsight this week to talk about what the future holds for the Qat’muk ...

Jumbo Glacier Resort is dead. Jumbo Wild forever!

After nearly 30 years of fighting for grizzly bears, of fighting for Ktunaxa rights, and of fighting for wild places, Jumbo Glacier Resort is finally dead. Today is the day we can finally say: Jumbo will stay wild. Now and forever, Qat’muk will be safe in a special Indigenous protected area, declared today by the Ktunaxa Nation with the support of our federal and provincial governments.From the earliest marches through the streets of Invermere and protest camps in the Purcell Mountains, to the thousands who signed petitions and proudly placed Jumbo Wild Forever bumper stickers on their cars, we fought proudly alongside the Ktunaxa people to ...