Avalanche Risk Exposed

Amidst hurried construction attempts, the location of the daylodge in the Jumbo Valley was changed at the last minute. RK Heliski has brought forward significant public safety concerns about the location of the daylodge. With more than 44 years experience in the Jumbo Valley, RK Heliski knows the avalanche terrain like nobody else.

Their extensive documentation puts the new location of the daylodge at significant risk from a class four avalanche. You can read their full submission here. And if you want to see what a big avalanche looks like, have a watch here.

The issue dominated Question Period in the BC Legislature – you can watch that heated debate here.

This is not the first time avalanche concern has been raised about the location of the Jumbo Village. A recent interview with mountaineer Pat Morrow focussed on this issue – read it here.

The Ministry of Environment has said that the new location of the daylodge is not at risk of an avalanche. But as far as we know, since Glacier Resorts decided to move the location of the daylodge, there has been no avalanche risk assessment completed by proper avalanche experts.

Absolutely ridiculous? We think so.