Across BC, we are heading to the polls to elect our local governments. But not in Jumbo. In Jumbo Municipality, there will be no election. Jumbo Municipality is an affront to the democratic traditions of our country.

Since there are no elections, why can’t you be the mayor of Jumbo? Make a sign, take a photo and declare yourself for mayor of Jumbo then share it on social media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, everything goes. Remember to tag it #democracyforjumbo. Help us spread the word. This is bigger than Jumbo, this is democracy at stake.
#democracyforjumbo #jumbowild

How did this happen? 

These two articles do a bang-up job of telling the whole story:

Democracy Interrupted: How Jumbo Glacier Resort Became a Municipality with No Residents 

Jumbo Friendly Bill Creates Municipality Without Residents