Environmental Assessment Office Determines Jumbo Glacier Resort in Non-compliance with Permit Condition

The Environmental Assessment Office (EAO) has issued a determination that Jumbo Glacier Resorts Ltd. is not compliant with the condition of its certificate that requires that ”…residential and commercial structures will be located completely outside the avalanche hazard area.”

After more than twenty years of controversy, Jumbo Glacier Resorts Ltd (GRL) must demonstrate that the project is “substantially started”. The Minister of Environment has yet to make this determination.

Autumn Cousins, EAO Manager of Compliance, stated in her correspondence with the would-be developers that “GRL must not resume construction at either the Day Lodge or Service Building Location for any purpose.”

Wildsight, voicing the sentiment of community and environmental groups across the Kootenays, reacted positively to the announcement.

“I think the government had no choice but to recognize Jumbo Glacier Resorts’ non-compliance to Environmental Assessment Certificate conditions. The developer’s ill conceived last minute attempt to create a footprint in the Jumbo Valley has failed,” said John Bergenske, Conservation Director of Wildsight. “ I look forward to the Minister’s decision on whether the project is “substantially started.” There should be no question in the minds of reasonable people that the project not been started. The little activity that has taken place will require remediation measures.”

“The concerns of the community and the Ktunaxa Nation have yet to be put to rest, but this determination brings us closer to keeping the Jumbo Valley wild,” concluded Bergenske.

See the official EAO documents here.

EAO letter to Oberti