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On November 15, BC voted. Except in Jumbo, BC's only town without residents. Without an election, why couldn't you be appointed mayor?We asked you to submit your selfies declaring yourself as mayor and wow, did you ever! Sit back and prepare to be inspired.Watch the video here.  

JCCS AGM: Chasing Rabbits with Brad Wrobleski

After completing an audit of Glacier Resort's compliance to their Environmental Certificate commitments, the Environmental Assessment Office found Glacier Resorts to be in non-compliance with some of their pre-construction commitments.Jumbo Creek Conservation Society’s AGM on Thursday, Nov 20, at David Thompson Secondary school’s theatre is bound to be an eye-opening evening.Attendees will be brought up to date on the latest developments, or rather, non-developments that were meticulously documented by the Jumbo Wild monitoring team at the heart of Jumbo Valley last summer. Doors open at 7:00, AGM starts at 7:30.As an added attraction, ...

Conservation Groups say Jumbo Glacier Resort Cannot Legally Proceed

Jumbo Creek Conservation Society and Wildsight have, with the assistance of Ecojustice, made submissions to the Environmental Assessment Office that will help determine whether Glacier Resorts Ltd.’s Environmental Certificate is still valid. If valid, the Certificate allows the company to build their proposed Jumbo Glacier Resort. The issue hinges on the question of whether the project was substantially started within the allotted 10-year time period.Ecojustice staff lawyer Morgan Blakley is representing the two non-profit organizations, both of which are based in the Kootenays near the site of the proposed Jumbo Glacier Resort.“Glacier ...


Across BC, we are heading to the polls to elect our local governments. But not in Jumbo. In Jumbo Municipality, there will be no election. Jumbo Municipality is an affront to the democratic traditions of our country.Since there are no elections, why can’t you be the mayor of Jumbo? Make a sign, take a photo and declare yourself for mayor of Jumbo then share it on social media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, everything goes. Remember to tag it #democracyforjumbo. Help us spread the word. This is bigger than Jumbo, this is democracy at stake. #democracyforjumbo #jumbowildHow did this happen? These two articles do a bang-up job ...

Avalanche Risk Exposed

Amidst hurried construction attempts, the location of the daylodge in the Jumbo Valley was changed at the last minute. RK Heliski has brought forward significant public safety concerns about the location of the daylodge. With more than 44 years experience in the Jumbo Valley, RK Heliski knows the avalanche terrain like nobody else.Their extensive documentation puts the new location of the daylodge at significant risk from a class four avalanche. You can read their full submission here. And if you want to see what a big avalanche looks like, have a watch here.The issue dominated Question Period in the BC Legislature - you can watch that heated ...

Jumbo Wild Monitoring Camp

Citizens for Jumbo Wild host a monitoring camp in the heart of the Jumbo Valley in order to monitor activities taking place and to document compliance to the Environmental Assessment commitments. The camp remains in place over August and September.

Jumbo Glacier Mountain Resort Municipality Created

The BC government creates BC's first town without residents, appointing a Mayor and 2 Councillors to govern over the town with no people and giving the town $260,000 of taxpayer dollars to fund its first year in existence. Greg Deck is appointed Mayor and Stephen Ostrander and Nancy Hugunin are appointed councillors. With no infrastructure or population, the JGMRM strikes a deal with the Village of Radium, sharing office space and staff. A rally of ~150 protests the creation of the JGMRM outside the office during their inaugural meeting.

EcoSociety Challenges Creation of the JGMRM

The West Kootenay Eco Society legally challenged the creation of the JGMRM by requesting a judicial review. At question: whether or not the province's creation of the JGMRM, a town without residents, violates the Canadian Constitution.

International Grizzly Bear Study Confirms Importance of Jumbo to Purcell Grizzlies

Dr. Michael Proctor publishes a Wildlife Monograph, "Population fragmentation and inter-ecosystem movements of grizzly bears in western Canada and the northern United States". Co-authored by 18 of North America's foremost grizzly bear biologists, this study confirms without doubt the importance of the Jumbo Valley to the Purcell, Selkirk and Cabinet Mountain grizzly bear populations.

Ktunaxa File Legal Challenge of Jumbo Approval

The Ktunaxa Nation file a request for judicial review to challenge the signing of the Master Development Agreement. At the heart of it: infringements to their Aboriginal Rights and Title and violations to Qat'muk, sacred home of the grizzly bear spirit.